Please understand that I don't take myself at all seriously but here's the scoop: When I was
fresh out of High School I needed some direction and I knew I wanted to be an Electronics
dude. That led me to the USAF. I had the honor to serve my country fixing of all things Titan II
ICBM's. My main duties were repairing launch control electronics, guidance stuff, vapor
sensing gear, power supplies, missile wiring and a bunch of other airborne and ground control
equipment. The scale was unbelievable. It's my proudest personal accomplishment and some
of the best people I've ever known I meet during those years.
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Taken May 1980, Here's a classic
"Where's Waldo" 60 pounds and 26
years ago. That's me upper left from
the Woman in front of the engine. This
pic is my graduating class from Missile
training. You're looking at the
interstage area of stage II. That missile
is currently on display at the Titan II
museum in Az.
Mitch Huff - Fontana, Ca.
Chris Lavine - Cleveland, Oh.
me, sadly those six pack abs look more
like a twelve pack now.....
Me riding Stage II Slim Pickens style
circa 1982
The Business Center of a Titan II
missile complex, For over 25 years 4
men (and women) would stand guard
for the call that never came. We took
our jobs VERY seriously.
Okay maybe it wasn't all business,
Notice our keen focus evident from all
those long hours of studying we did.
Huff is only now revealing the recently
declassified secret handshake....