Statement 300 Bass Power Amp/Pre Amp
All tube front end, DI Out,
Class D 300WRMS Amp, DSP and only 14 pounds!
This lightweight powerhouse has three independent mid-range
controls, and a Lo Contour that takes the boom out of any room.
If you're really pissed off at the neighbors you can get his big brother,
Statement 700!  
The Statement and Opus lines of amps/pre-amps and powered speaker cabinets are new
offerings, and exclusive from the designers and builders at Toad Suck Tones.
The EASIV Preamp....made for me, by me just the way I like it....would
love to make one for you, just the way you like it!
Statement PA300WM mono block.....7.6 Pounds!
Perfect for Bass, Guitar, or even a PA!
The Opus Series Powered Bass Cabs

1000W REAL Watts! Bi-amped with 700W for
low end, 300W for the highs. Extra outputs
for a slave cab. Drive it directly from a TST
preamp or the weapon of your choice!