Here's some recent Toad Suck Tones Projects
Here's a recent amp I did for a local musician. He wanted a
Princeton on Steroids so the P.O.S. was born! This amp is
anything  but a Piece of Shemp....
This badboy is a 6L6 based design with a 5U4 tube rectifier. It
was inspired by a JTM45 Marshall. It's one of the quietest amps
I've ever seen. The tone is amazing, very bluesy with just the
right amount of sag when pushed
This amp was pieced together from parts I got on Ebay,
purchased or just had around. The chassis is from a Marshall
4210. I call this amp the "FenMarsh" you get a AB763
channel and a JTM45 channel in one amp! Footswitchable it
also includes reverb. I've done two of these. Both are
somewhere on the west coast.
Here's a full up design based on a Bassman Chassis. The circuit is
inspired by a 50 watt 1987 Marshall. The wood is Paduak. It sounds as
good as it looks.
Here's another 5010 make over, The circuit is a variation of a classic
Hiwatt design. The output is a push-pull pair of 6L6WGB configured in a
cathode biased Class A of my favorites
Here's the 5902 parallel push pull design. It's still in the prototype stage
but at 10WRMS it overdrives into some serious tones pretty quick.
She's nestled next to a GE 6550A to give you a reference to the size.
Here's a new PCB I did with a switching power supply. I'll have a pedal
for sale soon. Keep tuned in!
Here's the latest project. A pair of 6L6WGB's running Class A, a 12BZ7
phase splitter and an E80F/6084 Pentode in the front-end. The
front-end is a hybrid gain cell. With the E80F feeding an N-Channel
Mosfet configured as a source follower. This gives you a voltage gain
of 235 with an unbelievably low Output Impedance of 1/2 an Ohm. I
wanted to build something TOTALLY different. It sounds amazing.....