Words from the Smith:
    If you've ever wanted your own custom amp, built to your specs, with your name on it (and of
    course mine) Contact me, it's more affordable than you think.
    The way it works is this: You tell me what you want, I quote you a price, you give me 25% up front,
    balance on delivery. Depending on the complexity I'll deliver in 4 to 6 weeks.
    One last point: I've been getting a lot of requests for quotes lately. Regardless of complexity I take
    jobs in the order I receive the "Start payment".

    The Liam Slack Custom
    Toad Suck Tones endorses Kurios and the positive message
    they present to young people.

    The Chris Gregory Custom
    Chris is a man of faith working as a youth minister in the
    South. In his spare time he likes to rock out. It's a pleasure
    to help him do that!

    The Brendan Gerhart Custom
    Toad Suck Tones endorses Brendan. Brendan is the lead
    Singer and guitar player for Between the Two in Hazleton, Pa.
    My family got to host the guys while they were out on tour.

    The Tyrin Benoit Custom
    Tyrin is a kick ass Zydeco meets Led Zeppelin guitar player
    that wanted something a little more managable for
    smaller venues. After some discussion this is what we came
    up with.

    The Chris Clifton Custom
    Chris is an experienced session musician who has done
    work with Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor. He loved the
    look of the plexiform but wanted a little edgier vibe more
    like a '68 Plexi than a '66. He's currently leading the Chris
    Clifton Band on the east coast.

    The Jeremy Haines Custom
    Jeremy is a great young guitarist who leads worship
    services as well as retreats. I got to meet him personally