A Rocket Surgeon can build me an Amp?
Ed Smith is currently employed in the R&D dept. at Ambrell in Scottsville, NY.

Ed Got the repair bug when at 15 he had to get his Black Faced Fender Bassman repaired.
Lacking funds and ever curious about how things work, he decided to tackle the job himself.
After determining the problem and consulting a few knowledgeable adults, he was able to do a
cap job, and voilà! The Bassman returned from the dead! With a dangerous sense of
empowerment he started tackling his friends' amps.

Ed started his training in the US Air Force as a Titan II Missile Electronics Technician.
This training was some of the most extensive offered to any enlisted personnel at the time.
Included was intensive Vacuum Tube training, as the Titan II system was originally installed at a
time when vacuum tubes were the device Du Jour. After 4 years of service to his country Ed
returned home and attended school in Rochester, NY.

His career includes Hi-Fi repair, Pro audio repair, Instrumentation design, Avionic A/V  systems
specializing in DVD, CD, Speakers, A\V Switching using Analog, Ethernet, Optical fiber and Serial
digital technologies. He has played both bass and guitar for over 30 years.

His passion is tubes and tone.
Mission Statement: Build the best sounding, most reliable, elegant gear with meticulous
attention to detail for discerning customers in home, stage and studio applications.